Hanging Pet Food Dispenser

by admin on September 6, 2010

Keeping pet food away from critters that are not supposed be eating it has been a problem since people started storing food. In olden days people would store their food in bags and hang them from ropes tied to the ceiling or trees to safeguard it from predators. Leaving food exposed on the floor in your house or out in your yard is only asking for uninvited guest to pay a visit.

Hanging pet food dispensers have been around a long time, because they keep food away from any insects or vermin in search of a meal. Whether you feed your pet outside in the backyard, or inside the house keeping food out and available for them also makes it available to anything just walking by. By hanging your pet food in bowls mounted to the wall you will have eliminated most of the problem.

Not only are hanging food dispensers environmentally friendly by keeping the insect and rodent population at bay, they are ergonomically sound and provide your pet with a healthier way of eating their meals. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that your loving pet is not eating food infested with insects or nibbled on by rodents, keeping air pet healthier. It also discourages ants making a track into your home to enjoy the constant food supply provided by your pet’s dish.

It is not natural for a pet to eat with its head all away down at the ground while it is eating. Veterinarians recommend raising your pet ‘s bowl up to the height that is appropriate to their breed to allow them to digest their food easier. Not only is the added height more comfortable for your pet while they are eating, it keeps their feeding area cleaner. And for dogs with back or neck problems hanging the pet food dispenser from the wall makes swallowing easier for them. It also helps reduce excessive air intake, gulping, gagging and choking, and helps to maintain the overall health of your pet.

Your pet will be happier and healthier when you provide them with a hanging pet food dispenser mounted to the wall. You will be assured that the insects and rodents have gone somewhere other than your pet feeding area for their food supply.

When making the decision to purchase the food dispenser for your pet that hangs from the wall be that the bowl is the appropriate size for the breed of pet that you have. Also, make sure that you hang it at the height of most comfortable for your dog. Installing a hanging dispenser is a sound way to make the environment cleaner and healthier for both you and your pet.

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